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IDVEN Software was hired as an android developer for the creation of one of the first applications for the G1 (T-Mobile) phone. While this brand new (in 2008) G1 smartphone, based on the Google’s Android mobile operating system, brought more choice to the touch-screen Smartphone market, it lacked connectivity to mainstream business applications, such as Microsoft Exchange. Seeing a problem as an opportunity, IDVEN Software suggested developing an Android app that would allow users to easily download all of their Microsoft Exchange contacts into their G1 phone.

As result, IDVEN Software’s team developed ContactsSync, the application that was chosen as one of only 13 third-party apps offered on the Android Market (Google Play now) together with T-Mobile’s G1 launch.

ContactsSync got thousands of downloads in the first day after its release. Hundreds of publications were issued in influential media, including InformationWeek, AndroidCommunity and Gizmodo.

"As the Android team intimated when T-Mobile's G1 was launched, Exchange server support would have to come from third-party software developers. The first sign of this is ContactsSync," Wilson Rothman, an author at Gizmodo.com, wrote on October 19, 2008.

"While Android gadgets are mainly aimed at consumers, the app [ContactsCalendarSync] could make them more appealing to business users as well. That's crucial to Android's success, as most smartphone users today are so-called pro-sumers: They use the devices for both business and entertainment", Olga Kharif, a senior writer for BusinessWeek.com, wrote on March 24, 2009.

Besides seeing a problem as an opportunity - as we did with the G1's initial lack of integration - you see that IDVEN Software knows how to get the customer to where it wants to be. Make us your Android application development partner and let us help you develop the next Android masterpiece.

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