Complete resource control

Your dedicated IDVEN developers work exclusively for you, as your virtual employees, for as long as you need or want them.

Complete cost control

One simple, single monthly payment, with no surprises.

Complete IP and product ownership protection

IDVEN is a Czech Republic company, complying with all relevant Czech IP and data protection laws.

IDVEN and your IDVEN developers sign your legal IP protection and NDA documents.

Complete access

You have unrestricted access to your developers and source-code/applications.

Complete technical challenge solvers

Your IDVEN developers proactively seek the best technical solutions.

Your IDVEN developers brain-storm and work with you to ensure optimal results.

Your IDVEN developers all have unlimited access to the “IDVEN s.r.o.” – our unique pool of diverse technical talent for sharing, supporting and assisting each other.

Complete range of software development talent

IDVEN provides you with exactly the technical talent you need, whenever you need it, for as long as you need it.

IDVEN has access to some of the best European software development talent, including Team Leads, Architects, Interface Designers, Software Engineers, QA Managers, QA Analysts.

IDVEN has long standing relationships with many of the top European technical universities like the10-time International Collegiate Programming Contest gold medal winner

IDVEN ’s talent resources possess solid experience and expertise with all of today’s most popular technologies and development platforms, including: .NET, .NET Enterprise Server, COM+, Java, J2EE, AJAX, Microsoft CRM, SharePoint, BizTalk Server, C++, C#, VB, VB.NET, Perl, Eiffel, ASP.NET, WEBLOGIC, Ruby on Rails, Cloud, Windows Mobile / J2ME, UI / UX, Symbian, iPhone iOS, Android, and more.